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Tile Removal

Using the right safety gear and method for the correct removal of asbestos tiles is paramount to the safety of the workers and the public.

In order to achieve this safe environment, you must first put on coveralls, along with a respirator and a face mask with a fine filter.

A vacuum made specifically for removing asbestos particles should be used thereafter and the area covered up with plastic sheets.

Asbestos tiles cannot be removed like regular tiles, as breaking them can release toxic fibres into the air. To reduce the chance of breakage, the tiles must be carefully removed rather than broken with a hammer or grinder.

During this process of removal, RJS Carpets engages a third party to supply air monitors to ensure a safe environment. Once this process is complete clearance certificates are issued.

When tipping these hazardous materials, it is critical to adhere to the Department of Environment and Conservation NSW guidelines.

It is harmful to remove asbestos tiles without the necessary experience and knowledge. Accordingly, the team at RJS Carpets have been removing asbestos for many years and they are licenced by the state of New South Wales to do such works.

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