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Timber Flooring

Sanding and polishing wood floors can refresh a dull, worn floor, giving it a new look again. Regular wear, mould, mildew, and other damage to wooden flooring can make it look dated and lifeless. That’s why you should go for a professional floor sanding and polishing service to keep your wooden floors fresh and shiny.
1. Cleaning

RJS Carpets floor sanding professionals begin by giving your wood floors a thorough sweeping and vacuuming, to ensure your floor is clean enough to begin sanding. Preparing the floor before sanding will prevent accidents and sand damage. In addition, note that you must remove all furniture and floor covering, if any, before sanding. Doors and vents should be covered or closed to prevent dust from littering the floor, accumulating, and entering other rooms.

2. Nails

Once the floor is cleaned, RJS Carpets sanding technicians will inspect your wood floor for any external nails. They will be removed or hammered down to ensure that sand is applied without damaging the sweeper.

3. Removing Old Polish/Stain

Removing existing stains and stains is an important step in the floor sanding process. This is because unintentional sanding will clog the grit sanding paper, making the sanding process more time consuming. The RJS Carpets team use a variety of methods to remove pre-finish depending upon the type of finish to achieve the best results. Damage to wood floors or replacement of floorboards also occurs during this time.

4. Floor Sanding

 After you leave the pre-finish, the floor is ready for sand. Floor sanding refers to removing the top layer or layers of wood to expose the healthy wood underneath. Sanding also helps to remove irregularities at the edges of the floor board. During the initial sanding process, flooring professionals will also look for cupping, peaking, crowning and other floorboard damage to spot treat or replace floorboards

The flooring industry uses a variety of sanding machines and sanding techniques depending on the condition of your wood floors. Usually start with fine sanding until the floorboards are smooth and free of most stains. A hand-held random orbit or corner sander will also be used to take care of the rough corners of the room and ensure that the floor is all level and smooth.

5.  Vacuuming

Once the first layer of sanding is done, the flooring technicians vacuum clean the floor, ready for the desired installation.

6. Sealant Application

Once cleaned and vacuumed, wood floors are ready to apply the first coat of desired finish. Depending on the type of wood flooring you are trying to achieve, flooring professionals will use a variety of finishes such as natural oils, modified oils, varnishes and water- or oil-based polyurethanes. If you are going to stain or limewash your floor, it is used at this time.

Once the first coat has dried the RJS Carpets team will install a special floor covering machine, so that the wooden floor is ready for the next coat. Typically three coats of floor polish are required to achieve the desired effect.

timber flooring
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