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One of the most common types of flooring in homes is the carpet. It’s pretty easy to clean and maintain and provides a wide variety of patterns, colors and texture to suit your tastes. However, there are certain situations that require you to involve carpet repairs, and you need only the best and most experienced carpet repairs specialists to do the job. We, at RJ’s Carpets, have been in the business for over 50 years and you can trust us to handle any and all carpet repairs to your satisfaction.

To give you an idea of what our products and services are, take a look at the list below for some of the more common problems that can affect your carpet and consider the solutions that we can offer:

Cigarette burns and wine stains are common problems for homes with carpet flooring, especially if you’re in the habit of entertaining regularly. Sometimes, the problem worsens when you as the homeowner try to handle the problem by cleaning which can be a big mistake if you don’t know what you’re doing. In worst case scenarios, cutting out these stains on the carpet is the optimum solution. You don’t have to worry about having mismatched portions though as we offer sample matching before we actually install the new section.

Common wear and tear on your carpets is expected. One of the common things that we get called on is to repair aluminum trims. Aluminum trims are necessary for carpets to stay in place and to provide a safe environment for its house occupants. If the aluminum trims become obsolete or is weakened, the carpet also suffers. Replacement of aluminum trims, thus, need to be effected.

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We also fix bubbling carpet/carpet re-stretching due to poor installation.  Bubbling means that there are bumps on the carpet which can lead to safety hazards and so the carpet needs to be re-installed, re-stretched to make the carpeting even and safe.

It is inevitable that over time carpet joints may also experience wear and tear.  Thus, you need to have those carpet joins repaired at the soonest possible time to avoid further damage to the carpet.

We also offer less common but nonetheless still necessary carpet repairs for the following situations:

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