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One of the top factors for choosing a home when you’re in the house-buying frame of mind is the state of its floors. The floor is practically the first thing that you see when you step into a home and it spans all the rooms in the house. One of the more sought after types of flooring is wood or timber, and we at RJ’s Carpets can install for you three different types of timber flooring. The key is to decide which type of timber flooring is right for you.

Laminate Flooring

If you want to start with something simple, laminate flooring is your best bet.  Basically, laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring imprinted with a digital image on a high-density fiberboard.  It’s not real wood so it costs cheaper but there are many varieties of colors and designs so that you can choose the best image of wood that you like.  Since it’s laminated, it’s low-maintenance, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant.  What’s more, it’s very easy to install and it doesn’t look cheap.  Laminate flooring is your best choice if you want to have floors that look like wood but doesn’t come with the price of wood. 

Engineered Floating Floor

If you are ready to move on up from laminate flooring, but still don’t have enough for real timber flooring, the next step is an Engineered Floating Floor.  It may sound strange to call a floor “Floating” but it is the nature of the installation that heralds such a title.  Engineered floating floors are made from 3-7 layers of plywood-like sheets of wood and glued together and that’s what gives them their stability.  The top layer or the “wear” layer is protected with a strong, veneer finish so that you have no need for prior sanding, varnishing, oiling or painting.  You can, however, over time, apply some sanding or refinishing when the need arises depending on the wear layer thickness of your flooring. 

What’s special about engineered floating floors is the manner of their installation on your floor.  With traditional floorings, you usually need to nail solid timber and give extra space for it to expand or contract depending on the weather.  With engineered floating floors, you can install them basically on top of any surface without any problem, whether you have ceramic tile, vinyl, concrete or sheet plywood.  You can either choose to have it glued or the more modern, tongue and groove locking system.  The new tongue and groove locking system is less messy and more stable and easier to install. 

With an engineered floating floor, you have durability, availability of a variety of designs and colors, and the comfort and warmth of wood that gives your home exceptional beauty. 

Pure Timber Hardwood Flooring

Pure Timber hardwood flooring can be called the pinnacle of hardwood floors.  Nothing beats the elegance and style of true timber hardwood flooring and most homeowners’ attempt to achieve this level of flooring if they can afford it.  Pure Timber hardwood is made from solid hardwood that is precision-milled to give you exact, stable and tight plank-to-plank fit.  It has to be nailed and glued to the flooring with a little space to compensate for possible expansion and contraction due to weather changes.  Pure Timber Hardwood flooring requires the installation by a professional since it requires sanding and varnishing to give that perfect sheen.  You can choose between semi-gloss and high-gloss and other varnishing options to suit your tastes and interiors. 

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