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Over the years, more Sydney homes and commercial spaces are using vinyl for their flooring, allowing them to enjoy the following benefits:

Though the vinyl flooring is one of the best additions into any space, it requires careful and thorough preparation and installation. In other words, you should not let just anybody install it for you. We also highly discourage going for the “do it yourself” route, as your mistakes may turn out costlier than the actual price of the vinyl.

RJ’s Carpets is known in the business for excellent carpet installation, repairs, and maintenance. However, we can do so much more. We are also one of the leading Sydney businesses with extensive knowledge and experience in the installation of vinyl flooring sydney.

Commercial Vinyl Flooring

RJ’s Carpets specializes in both residential and commercial vinyl flooring sydney. Businesses that want to take advantage of this type of flooring can simply call us to allow one of our experts to check their floor space. Some of the details we consider are the following:

How We Do It

Our team is composed of sydney vinyl flooring experts. They have been in the business for many years and are thus very much experienced with regard to vinyl floors. They are also properly certified and trained by good schools. This knowledge, coupled with training and experience, also helps them foresee potential issues during the installation process.

Our installation is thorough and meticulous. We begin with floor consultation, which is provided to you for free. We personally check your flooring to determine which type of vinyl is best or whether vinyl flooring is the most ideal. Afterward, if the project pushes through, we perform floor preparation that helps speed up the vinyl installation and prevents short- or long-term flooring problems.

Upgrade your home, let your business shine, be more economical, or choose among the myriad of options. Whatever your goal is, vinyl flooring is a great idea, and RJ’s Carpets is here to take care of it for you.

Vinyl Flooring Sydney with a Variety of Designs & Colours


The leaders in residential, commercial, hospitality and healthcare flooring solutions. RJ’s Carpets is known for installing and working with the highest quality of flooring products. All our Vinyl Flooring is from Tarkett – The Ultimate Flooring Experience.

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